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I guess I’ve been reselling all my life going right back to school when I used to buy and sell comics and trading cards. I kept most of the comics, though, but shifted all the trading cards. I sold most of my toys in my late teens, kept a few however, and even sold those remaining ones in my twenties.

About 18 months ago I moved house and came to the realisation that I had way to much stuff and had to part ways with most of it. I love the idea of having a house like Harlan Ellison’s LA home – an Aladdin’s cave of pop culture geekdom, but alas in a small British house it’s not possible. So, I started selling some of my Marvel, DC and sci-fi collectibles and books. They sold quite quickly and that’s when the obsession of buying and selling restarted having hoarded all this stuff for years.

Once I started selling (at a pretty quick pace, I might add) the idea of clinging onto stuff for the sake of it quickly vanished. I guess I morphed from a collector into a dealer. I no longer felt the need to collect everything and hoard it all. Now I get to buy the stuff I love but keep it for only a limited time and not have it take over my house – and my life.

Another aspect I love about reselling are the feelings of nostalgia especially when it comes to sourcing action figures, most of which are for sale on my eBay shop. Check out these vintage TMNT figures, for example, which you can buy here:

Otherrealmscollectibles was soon turned into a business which I operate on both Amazon and eBay.

I mostly sell books (both fiction and non fiction), board games, some electronics, packaged toys and media on Amazon while on eBay I focus on loose toys (mostly action figures), t-shirts and memorabilia.

Here are the links:

Amazon –

eBay –


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