Monthly Archives: April 2016

Board Games For FBA

A big seller on FBA is board games and I’m bulking up my inventory ready for fourth quarter. One of the things that happens when you visit charity shops on a regular basis is that you become friendly with the staff, some of whom are generous with their pricing and even save stock for you. A local charity shop is closing down and the manager offered me his remaining stock of board games  – over 30 games for £20 which works out at less than a pound per game. I should easily make my money back and be in profit very quickly.

And then comes the process of organising the games, checking the contents and bagging them ready for FBA.

There are still more games to check and then I have to scan them into Amazon, label them, box them and ship them to Amazon’s warehouse. Reselling is a working class job – there’s a lot for lifting involved, getting your hands dirty carrying stock and cutting your hands with boxes etc. It’s not all about sitting at the computer. The treasure hunting aspect is dirty work.